Our Culture

We are passionate about providing the best care to those who keep America safe and running.

This devotion extends to our employees: the good, hardworking professionals who not only embrace the duty of providing care for mission critical but also give it heart. Our people are our greatest asset. LHI is committed to excellence in corporate citizenship both locally and beyond. As such, we are committed to philanthropy, including community building, generous planned giving and volunteerism. For example, we recognize employees who illustrate extraordinary commitment to volunteerism in our communities by awarding grants in their name to the non-profit organization they support.

Hear more about the LHI culture, in the words of our employees:

Community and Goodwill

Dedication To The Mission

Our Core Values

LHI’s core values are shared across our employees to inspire and guide our behavior. They underline the fulfillment of our responsibilities, they govern how we interact with one another; they are the filter through which we view our actions.

Integrity: Honor commitments. Never compromise ethics.

Compassion: Walk in the shoes of people we serve, and those with whom we work.

Relationships: Build trust through collaboration.

Innovation: Invent the future and learn from the past.

Performance: Demonstrate excellence in everything we do.